New Creation Consulting


Diversity Through Clicks & Mortar

You've built your company by delivering the goods. You have fixed assets, stock, tooling and inventory. Profits are acceptable.

Are you ready to trade it in for e-Business?

Having an e-Business presence does not mean throwing away past successes. NCOL® will help you examine the elements of success that need to be built upon. Then develop a set of e-Business tools that will augment the existing, bringing strength through diversity.

In the process of building an e-Business tool-set, we recommend the following steps to our clients.

Determine, Envision, Formulate, Develop, Deploy, Evaluation and Refine.

Maintain Focus

The distractions are many. The art and science of pulling together the best of yesterday's successes and today's technology - with a vision for tomorrow - can be daunting. The New Creation team can help. From business process valuation to project design, development, and deployment, we will partner with you for success. With your ideas and our skills, we'll help you chart the course.

The future. It's your vision. NCOL® brings focus.

How to reach us:  Send us an e-mail!     Ph: 604.806.NCOL (6265)