New Creation Consulting


The breakneck pace of the e-commerce dash has slowed... and the e-Business marathon has begun. Here are some of the milestones in the race:

Business Process Analysis

Upfront is the time to strongly evaluate all current methods and motivations. What business do you do, how do you do business? Whom do you do business with and what systems are in place to guarantee supplier and customer loyalty? How does your enterprise measure success? This is the time for cross-process involvement and input.
Our Commitment to you: To build on your ideas and successes - a clear design for the future that can be implemented with the resources available today.


We stress iterative design, with milestones offering success today and a flexible vision of the future. Design elements include both the technical and soft sides of development: machine specifications, user interface, look & feel, forms, content and reporting tools. Development tools are specified and (optional) marketing strategies are detailed.
Our Commitment to you: To design sound solutions that can be implemented on time and within budget.


With a clear design scope, the desired outcomes are guaranteed. User interface, reporting and administrative tools are created in harmony. Legacy data can be migrated to meet design outcomes.
Our Commitment to you: No surprises.


The call to "go live" is a critical test of project planning, development and execution. It is the visible culmination of everything the company holds dear: sound design and engineered code, deployed in a secure server environment with ample bandwidth. It may also include elements of the marketing plan, receiving user feedback and planning future infrastructure enhancements.
Our Commitment to you: To manage project deployment, ensuring it is a success, as viewed by investors, clients and stakeholders.


As your business evolves, so will your need for support. Software upgrades, accurate and timely monitoring of traffic and stats, and training & systems support form key elements of our systems support structure. In addition, a continuing critical focus on developing technologies ensures your infrastructure is maintained to meet the needs of the evolving enterprise.
Our Commitment to you: A desire to build a long-term relationship allowing you to use our expertise in support of your people and your plans.

Where to start?

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